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Manufacturers of newer child seats provide “expiration” dates for their seats that typically range from six to eight years from the date it was manufactured.

Expiration dates are a way for manufacturers to provide consumers with guidance as to the expected “useful” life of their car seat.

Now the only person that he lays ahead of him is Wayne Gretzky with 2857 points. The Boston Bruins win 4:3 against the Florida Panthers in overtime.

It was the immortal Jaromir Jagr that scored for the Panthers but it was the youngster David Pastrnak who not only scored during regular playing time but he was additionally responsible for the deciding goal in overtime.

He had a blast and you guys really helped him to become a far better goalie.

NHTSA No.: 15C002000 Make: BABY TREND Models: HYBRID LX 3-IN-1 Production Dates: - Noncompliance: Baby Trend, Inc.

As such, these seats fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 213, "Child Restraint Systems." Consequence: Missing information, undersized text, lack of capitalization and warnings in an incorrect order may affect the consumer's understanding on the proper use of the infant car seat, increasing the risk of injury to the child in the event of a crash.

Corrective Action: Baby Jogger will notify registered owners and will provide a free replacement infant car seat. Owners may contact Baby Jogger toll-free at 1-800-241-1848.

Read more Not only did the Florida Panthers beat the Buffalo Saber 4:3 but it was the immortal Jaromir Jagr that assisted to three of the goals.

Through this he upped his points to 1887 placing him on the same level as Mark Messier who was currently number two in the overall NHL standings .

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For Philadelphia it was Jakub Voracek that was able to add another assist to his name and additionally he was also responsible for the winning goal, making him the well deserved star of the game.

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