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Imagine how boring life would be if everything flowed smoothly all the time? Technology has given people instant access to anything they want at any time they want and lots of spice, so, naturally that translates into their relationships. Forget waiting and enjoying the process of dating, learning about someone and growing together. I get bored pretty quickly and that’s why I have such a busy life. Right or wrong, it’s just how most people are these days.Show of hands how many of you can’t stay away from your smartphone? It’s about being present in each other’s lives, giving each other attention, having healthy intimacy, lots of passion, respect for each other and true fulfillment in every way. Right there, my friends, is a recipe for dating disaster. Doesn’t everyone want a partner who’s good to them and treats them nicely? No one is questioning that BUT when there isn’t any balance, the cracks starts emerging and get bigger and bigger. I’ve often said that we’re dating in the age of instant gratification. It means that people want everything and they want it now. It’s all part of the culture of instant gratification.Just like with anything in life, balance is important, it’s what keeps life interesting. It’s about making impulsive choices that satisfy a current need without considering tomorrow and any consequences. Well it means a lot of casual relationships, casual sex and people getting bored with the same person because, there is ALWAYS something spicier and more interesting out there. Those looking for a commitment want it right away, those just looking for sex expect it quickly without considering the effect it will have on them and the other person and those who date casually are always looking for the next best thing to satisfy their egos. too much sugar just doesn’t work for me and I’m not the only one.That’s according to a survey of 2,800 singles released this week by dating site Plenty of Fish, which concluded that “ladies may want to consider putting the words ‘pumpkin spice’ in their online dating profile.” (The same did not hold true for men.) No doubt, this is good news to whoever is paying for the date, as a pumpkin spice latte costs around .50, compared to or more for a glass of wine.

Only you know what’s best for you but don’t settle for less because you’ll inevitably end up unfulfilled and unhappy.

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), some like it sweeter and some like to change it up a bit, but what’s important is having a balance.

We all know that you can have too much of a good thing …

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